Monday, 22 June 2015


This will be a specific brand wishlist from the company Powder and how I would style the two items I wish to sometime own!
Powder are a great brand and company that started their journey in 2009. In 2013, woolen gloves were designed and Lisa (the designer and her best friend) won 'Fashion Accessory of The Year'. What's happening now? Lisa is making lots of women, just like us, happy with her accessories.

Disclaimer: these are not my photographs, these are from the original websites of 'Powder', 'Boohoo' and 'Newlook'

The first item on my wishlist is the 'Rosie' scarf from the 'cosy' collection. This Teal and Amber scarf, made from 100% acrylic caught my eye the moment I saw it and I must one day add this to my collection. The fine detailing of the button gives it more warmth and seperates the two colours nicely. This retails for £20 and from what I see, it's a bargain! You can find this product here.

Also, these products are packaged so nicely it's unreal. The elegant pink box stands out as the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen.

The second and last item from Powder for my winter wants is the matching 'Rosie Mittens' in Amber. These go perfectly with the Rosie scarf and will bring that extra layer of depth to the outfit. Also, the fold over edge and the button detailing gives them a more modern look to fit around your everyday styling choices. These retail for £13 and can be found here.

I would style both of these pieces with the following:

The 'Kate Belted Waterfall Coat' from Boohoo has a lovely woolen effect and hangs down low to cover the chilly areas like the lower back while still keeping the rest of the outfit casual. A usual, plain long sleeve top would be added to give the extra warmth. We don't want to over state the top since this could draw attention away from or clash with the scarf. This retails for £30 and can be found here.

The next item I would put together with the accessories from Powder would be some navy jeans.

These 'Katie Curved Hem Bottom Shaper Jeans' (also from Boohoo) are perfect for elongating the legs and pulling them out from underneath the coat. These will give the outfit a little more colour and add a boldness too. These retail for £25 and can be found here.

Lastly, the shoes!

These 'Wide Fit Light Brown D-Ring Ankle Boots' from Newlook would enhance the earthy tones throughout the collection, especially the coat. The buckle detailing would add class to the outfit and the small heel would mean that even in the ice cold winter, you should still be able to walk in them! These retail for £24.99 and can be found here.

That's it for today's wishlist, be sure to check out Powder's website for more beautiful accessories (the have spring collections too which I have my eye on). I'll see you on Monday guys!

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