Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Money today is tight for me and I'm guessing quite a few others too so I thought I'd share the two products I use most of the minute that together only cost £10!

The palette you see here is the 'W7 In The Buff' palette. Quick tip, word of mouth (so don't quote me on this) is that it's a good dupe for one of the naked palettes. I absolutely adore this. Two or three of the shades are matte and the others have a nice 'glittery' pigment to them. However, the glitter cannot be seen that well but gives it a nice finish so if you're looking for an extreme matte or glittery finish...I would say to avoid.
This palette does has a lovely colour payoff though. Two strokes of the brush and you have enough product to colour the whole eye if you want!

The final product I'd like to talk about is the 'Technic Colour Max Lipgloss' in the shade Raspberry. Personally, I wear this on a night out because the colour is quite vibrant on the lips...the exact colour that you see (although more sheen than you'd expect).To enhance the colour and to prevent as much wear as possible, I wear this on top of my 'Kate Moss 08' lipstick. 
I think this shade goes with practically anything at the moment, but be careful because it has quite a warm undertone.

Do you have any dupes or drugstore favourites? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love your views!
Have a lovely day!

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