Saturday, 13 June 2015


This post was suppose to go up on Friday but as you probably guessed, I got taken over by my student instincts. So because of that, I am posting today!

1) Greys Anatomy. 
I have become completely obsessed with this program which probably isn't great for my revision! I had been trying to find a good series to get into since my last series of Pretty Little Liars; yep that's a complete opposing genre! Not only does Greys Anatomy tell the story of surgical interns but also their lives outside of work which, by the way, completely makes the show! I highly recommend this!

2) Mac Plumful Lipstick.
If you haven't read my review then check that out but I needed to put this on my favourites. For me, I haven't found a lipstick that I like in a very long time and this product now has a place in my heart! You have no idea how hard it is not to go onto the Mac website and buy gosh knows how many more! This is a Lustre product just for references and the only thing I would change about it (I would prefer it to be a matte shade, which it is once the sheen has worn off a little). 

3) Charlotte's Web.
This is an old favourite of mine which I watched last week (you'll soon get to know that I'm a huge fan of Disney, animated films and basically any childhood film with a good story line!). I hadn't watched this film in such a long time and yet it brought me to tears, yet again! I highly recommend this and if you have the same taste as me then racing stripes is a must watch too! 

Since I had exams, these are all of my favourites for this week but my usual favourites will include 5 or more. Stay tuned to find out more *winky face which I'm not going to include because this is suppose to be a sophisticated blog post haha*
Have a lovely day guys and be sure to email me or tweet me if you have any questions or just want to!


  1. Lovely post <3 hope your exams went well!
    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you Chloe I'm still going them until Friday :( xx