Wednesday, 17 June 2015


First I'd like to apologise for there being no post yesterday, exams have taken over my life but luckily they're over on Friday! I hadn't got anything planned for today, which I wanted to let you know is going to change. I am going to have a lot more time on my hands and therefore these posts will be planned and a lot better in quality don't worry your cotton socks. 

Basically today's post is me letting you know some of the upcoming posts and also the new structure for my blog!

1) The 'Spin for Perfect Skin' face and body brush from Vanity Planet. I have purchased this and am waiting for it to come and then I will be reviewing this. I'll be using it in conjunction with my Simple Skincare and we'll go from there. 

2) I'll be doing some person posts related to things like recipes, food, bucket list and things of that nature. I suppose you could call these my Lifestyle posts.

3) On the 30th June I will be reviewing the book I have been reading, if you want to know more about that I have blogged about it previously but the book club is based on Twitter and if you search the hashtag #sassybooks then you'll surely find it!

The structure of my blog is changing. Recently I have been posting everyday Mon-Fri and I have found that as I'm going along, there isn't a hell of a lot of structure to it. of Monday, I will be structuring my blog as follows...

Monday-Beauty. This may be reviews, wishlists or beauty hacks or anything under this category!
Wednesday-Lifestyle. This may be recipes, food, again wishlists, bucket lists, non-beauty related tags. Things like that.
Friday-favourites for the week, updates, inspired posts and general topics. 

I hope I'll have your support as I adjust the blogging experience and in the fact that there may be a few slip-ups along the way!
I know this isn't a usual post but I wanted to keep you guys updated about what was happening!
Have a lovely day guys and be sure to check back tomorrow.

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