Monday, 27 July 2015


Body Jewellery Shopping has kindly sent me three of their earpiercing products to try so I thought I would update you and give you all some feedback! I chose to sample the 'Silver Dragonfly Ear Cuff', the 'Silver and Steel Right Feather Lobe/Tragus Bar' and the 'Silver and Steel Heart Shapes Lobe/Tragus Bar'.

Retailing for £2.49 which you can find here.

Retailing for £2.95 which you can find here.

Retailing for £2.95 which you can find here.

For starters, the Body Jewellery Shop were even nicer to send me three of their products when honestly, I was told and I expected to only receive one! To me, this shows how committed the company are to delivering customer service! Since they sent me more than expected, it brings along the thought that even their customer service will offer more than expected. Maybe that's through extra help if you have an issue or just that extra warmth, who knows?

These products seem to be high quality despite the low price point which really impressed me. When they offered to send me them, I didn't know the price and this was the same until after I had opened the package. I honestly expected them to be higher in price!

I love each of these earrings for different reasons. The dragonfly cuff is slightly flexible so that you can adjust it to fit your ear properly. I loved this since, if I wasn't able to do that, it wouldn't have fit me at all! It's a plain and simple design and yet I fell in love with it. The feather lobe/tragus bar is overall my favourite in terms of the design! The detailing put into the piece to make the shape as realistic as possible is tremendous! The heart lobe/tragus bar is also a gorgeous piece. Again, the detailing truly adds definition to the earring and makes it look expensive when in reality, these really aren't going to break the bank! 

The only thing I will say is that I think the feather and heart earrings (even though they can't be used for the lobe or tragus) are going to be better suited used for the tragus. I have quite thick lobes and because of this, I am unable to wear them for long periods of time (my lobes are too thick and therefore they only just do up). This is through no fault of the product, every individual is different! But, I do feel that these would look amazing as a tragus bar and a lobe earring as long as they fit! 

I will be having a look around to see about purchasing myself some more of their products! They have the price point of Claire's but the quality...put it this way, you can tell they aren't from Claire's!

I hope you have a lovely day and I'll see you Wednesday!

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