Monday, 13 July 2015


No, this isn't a beauty related post like I thought it was going to be but like I said, a few slip ups along the way never hurt anybody! Honestly, I didn't have something to write about, which was beauty related, which I felt passionately about. This I do.

There is a lot of talk around homosexuality since the marriage of the same sex was legalised. Personally, I can't think of something better to happen to this world than for two people who love each other, no matter their gender, to be able to get married! We as a collective have just taken the next step to becoming equal, free people! 

This photo for example, by Sevenseasaway, is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. We, as people, are beautiful. We are taught to love each other, to be kind. Marriage is marriage and love is love. The gender of the two people doesn't matter and if it does matter to you then it shouldn't. 

We have fought for years for freedom of speech, for the right to vote, to be able to make our own choices. Don't stop there. Open your mind, accept what is new. 

Some people don't like change and it's understandable, but this isn't change. Love has always existed, marriage has always existed. The only difference? 


I am proud to live in a world where equality is now becoming a normal phenomenon. I am proud to support 'gay rights'.

Have a lovely day.

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