Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Since I talk about my niece so much on social media I thought it's only fair to actually introduce her to you!

This was me and my niece Niamh when she was first born. In fact, I was the second person to hold her since I was actually there when she was born. She was a little dot compared to me.

This was Niamh when we were on holiday, as you can tell, we're  pretty close! She's my rock. If I'm feeling down, she's the one I go to. Her cuddles are the best medicine. 

This is the most recent picture I have of her. I love her to pieces and if you follow my blog or social media, you'll love her in no time too!
She honestly is my world, along with the rest of my family know what sort of connection you seem to have with one particular person? Yep, that's us.

I hope you have a lovely day guys and remember, family is everything.

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