Friday, 7 August 2015

AA Essentials Collection Review

I was contacted by the AA Essentials Collection Team to review one of their new deodorants. They gave me a choice of fragrances and I was given the one I stated as my preference! The one I chose was the 'Lemongrass and Lavender'. I have to say, I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never even heard of this scent or company before let alone experienced it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not usually one for floral scents or natural scents, I just find that it makes my nose itch, but this being a mixture of both floral and nature makes a strange but pleasing combination. I'd say that the Lemon is the most prominent out of the two notes but there is still definitely a hint of lavender. This deodorants comes in an easy to open and under arm friendly roller ball, which again, usually isn't my style since I haven't come across one that has actually prevented me from...well, sweating. 
Unlike many products on the market, I found this to be a very watery liquid instead of a cream formula which is quite refreshing since sometimes, I find that your average roller ball deodorant can be so thick that you may as well have been sweating! Lets have a look at the pros and cons:

  • The watery formulation means that the scent is definitely more prominent than other deodorants that I have personally tried. For me this is a definite pro for the product since I like to smell as fresh as a daisy and with this scent, you can't really complain.
  • The size of the packaging means that it's easy enough to store and even travel with and as a bonus, it doesn't leak (where the tight screw on top comes in handy).
  • This little bottle has a ton of good stuff! For example: Aloe Vera and natural oils. This little guy would probably do your skin some good,
  • Personally, it might be just me, but it didn't sink into my skin very well which means that if my arms were by my size, the deodorant rubbed off onto my clothing. Not to worry, it doesn't leave any kind of mark, but the point of a product like this is for it to be on the skin.
  • The packaging, although very handy because of it's size, is glass! Personally, I don't think glass is the best idea, especially if you want to be out and about ready to top up. But I guess it does give it a sleek look.
  • Lastly, I found that it didn't really prevent me from sweating but helped to mask the smell (maybe a little too much information for some of you but hey, got to be honest! We all have those days). I'd much prefer not to sweat in the first place and then there wouldn't be a smell to cover.

Overall, I will be using this product since the scent is absolutely lovely and if you don't sweat too much then I'd say this product would be perfect for you, but for me as somebody that has slightly overactive sweat glands, it won't be the one I reach for on a daily basis. This deodorant from the AA Essentials Collection will probably be my 'go to' deodorant in winter...since I don't stick to 'no flowers in winter'!

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