Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I Treated Myself

On Friday 7th August me and my mum took a trip down to the Dover docks and over to Calais for a day trip. This is what the ocean looked like at 10am England time...rather calm if you asked me! It's a good job too since my stomach doesn't react too well to rocky seas, although it's nothing a Costa Coffee can't fix! The only thing is, it was also payday and you know what that means! Me, I'm slightly uneducated where prices and discounts are concerned so when I heard that ferry shops are duty free I was astonished! So take a guess at what I did next - Diesel and Burberry.

I originally set out to take a look at Mac to try and colour match my skin to their foundation, since I don't like the idea of ordering before I know my shade. Did you know that P&O ferries don't have Mac? I didn't, but they don't. I'd been eyeing up the Diesel perfume 'Loverdose' for weeks since my friend sprayed it at work but couldn't afford it at full price, it was about £40! Saving up for university and paying the bills doesn't leave room for £40 worth of expenses when there's other things to buy. Lucky enough for me, I went hunting, searching and well, seriously hoping that Diesel was on the shelf.

As you probably guessed, I 100% found it, one of the last ones and it had been discounted even more from the originally discounted price! Instead of the steep price that I couldn't afford, only £23 escaped from my purse. I'm sorry but how cute is that packaging? How could I not let that slip into my collection?! I say collection but what I mean is 'how could I not let it start my collection?'.
The bottle is a lovely purple, glass finish and even though this, being glass seems fragile, it couldn't feel any more unbreakable!

According to Boots, the top notes for this perfume are mandarin and Star Anise, just don't ask me if I know what that last one is! I am so bad at describing scents it's unbelievable but I can definitely smell the base note of Vanilla and it fits with the other notes perfectly! If you aren't a fan of strong perfumes then this may not be for you, but personally, I love it and will most likely wear it as a night scent. Now the other thing, I further indulged by buying a perfume that I only smelt 10 minutes before I purchased it...Burberry Brit for women! This perfume is now my new daytime perfume and also...my running favourite. I paid £30 for this beautiful addition to my collection instead of £41. I'd say that's a bargain. I'd seen plenty of people raving about this, especially Ashley but again, I wasn't willing to pay full price for a perfume. I think my mind may have been completely changed! It's really difficult to describe the scent but the notes that are distinctive are pear and almond and they go so well together! I think you can probably tell how much I love this perfume considering I bought it the moment I smelt it. Plus, look how sleek and, well, expensive that packaging looks! I know these are my first high end perfume's but wow, the bottles definitely get better with price.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what perfume's are your favourites. Are they expensive or cheaper hidden treasures?
I'll see you soon for another post!

Allie x

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