Thursday, 13 August 2015

PLL: What do you think?

In case you didn't know, PLL stands for 'Pretty Little Liars' and those guys over there are the four main characters. In order - Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna. You know how in high school there's that 'clique' who are the best of the best but come with a hell of a lot of drama? That basically sums up this whole show...except with a lot of death and never answered questions. This series has been running since 2010, so five years and only now do we start getting answers regarding who the trouble maker was all along! If you haven't watched it, you may not want to, the addiction will ruin your social life! The first thing I'd like to address - my favourite of the bunch (which I didn't think would be possible to even think about never mind publicly announce! This is serious business if you didn't know). Aria Montgomery.

This girl starts out fragile and broken, transforms into that girl in high school and then blooms into a woman who's voice can't be tamed and apparently, who can't be kept from a mystery. Aria's style changed so much throughout the series, it's hard to think about where she's come from when I look back at the first episode. Pink highlights and punk clothing versus slinky, 'black-tie' suitable dresses. I can't quite put my finger on why I like her character so much. Does anybody else feel like, I don't know, she's just the most real out of the group? She makes mistakes, goes through life changing events and still stays true to her heart. Her fragile heart. Plus, who doesn't like the eye candy that she brings to the table? Don't tell me you didn't notice that she's pretty much always the one with the good looking but somehow troubled guys in her life?

Spencer Hastings on the other hand has a tendency to get herself into a lot of trouble, in terms of family and the law...ironic considering her relationship with Toby the up and coming officer. Family feuds, family secrets, it's family all round for Spence. Don't get me wrong, as a whole she's a lovely character but for me, she's too shifty. All along it played on my mind that she might be 'A' but apparently, she's more innocent than she comes across. At least in terms of being the 'one and only'. I think that the creators of the show did well with Spencer's character, they made her completely relatable to the target audience. Have any of you ever considered taking drugs? I have a personal connection to that topic so that would honestly be a no for me but I know a lot of people from my high school who fell into the trap. Some came out on top and some played chicken in the road and was run over by a car (he's fine by the way). Everybody goes through some sort of struggle and the fact that the creators portrayed that through one of their characters makes this show even better.

Hanna Marin is your girl next door besides her shopping habit which doesn't involve the exchange of money. Funny enough, the one thing I hadn't noticed until now is the fact that she is the only blonde within these four girls (clearly excluding Alison and the later additions). I don't really know what to say about Hanna. She's a beautiful character with a broken family, again something that a lot of the viewers can probably relate to. Note to self: her pearly whites are the new goal! Also, probably the most 'typically' stylish out of the group since she usually she's the one with the up to date fashion in her closet. Don't forget the odd secret that happens to hide their too. Hanna's friendship with Mona definitely sets her apart from Aria, Emily and Spencer since she's the only one who has ever trusted her and continued to trust her after the Radley situation.

I'd say that Emily Fields is 100% my next favourite character if not level with Aria. Her character is such a beautiful person, seemingly flawless. The athlete of the group who tragically loses what makes her...her. Personally I think that this hits the audience hard. I don't know what makes me unique. I don't know what makes me, me but what I do know is that if I lost that one thing and became another shadow in the darkness, I don't know what I'd do with myself. Emily's father is also in the military. Notice how each of the girls have their own individual story and yet they come together really nicely in the plot? This definitely says something about the writers. You'd think that the story would become confusing and yet it all fits together nicely. The girls become each others rocks, their world. They live and breathe for each other. High levels of commitment.

Overall, I have to say that I absolutely love this program. The story runs so much deeper than you'd first expect.
I know I rambled a lot in this post but, with 'A' at large and finally coming forward, I thought it was the perfect time to write about a current passion of mine. Let me know who your favourite character i in the comments below!
Thank you lovelies and I'll see you soon for another post!

Allie x

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