Saturday, 19 December 2015


As of next week, I will have been posting on my blog for 7 months! It's been a very rocky ride and I will completely admit that at times, posting hasn't been regular. I personally feel that I've come a very long way and so I thought that I'd share some of those moments with you!


The first picture is my rock. Sound strange? You clearly don't know the love that a dog can give. This little one gives the best cuddles, is there if you need a cry and doesn't answer back, what more could you ask for? Plus, when you happen to find yourself talking to...thin air, she makes a brilliant cover! Not only that, but this photo was the one that re-sparked my interest in photography. 

Second - this was the last post before I changed my background. You could consider it a cliché or just a bit of a stereotype for us bloggers but I completely see why it's so popular! My photos are of much higher quality. I can edit my photos, I can not edit my photos and either way, they're still up to scratch! Also, these three lipsticks were the only three products that I bought myself the whole time I was at university so they just have a little place in my heart. You know the feeling...when you save and purchase that one thing that you've had your eye on, it just makes it that bit more special.

And third - my lifesaver. As simple as three candles can be, this post changed everything for me. For a long time, I lost my passion for blogging and for some reason, this brought me back. Call it scent-imental or just place crazy but it fixed me. As well, I became Christmassy! The run up to Christmas so far has been rough to say the least but things are now looking up and this was the start of the good run!

I hope you're having a wonderful day, enjoyed today's post and are looking forward to Christmas. Stay tuned for more of blogmas!
Allie x

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