Saturday, 20 February 2016


This week started by visiting family. Family I haven't seen since about the age of 6. You know one of the best parts? My mum drove 350 miles on the motorway - this was a huge achievement for her, she's absolutely petrified of the motorway but did it! I am such a proud daughter. This trip down to Watford was worth it just for that! Aaaaaaand...we stayed in a hotel (Travelodge) which, by the way, have the best beds in the world! For some reason, my family seems to be cursed with the 'no sleep' bug and yet we slept like babies!

Now I can only tell you that the family we went to see are a lot better than we expected for the most part so we can stop panicking ourselves now, but it was so lovely to see them. All I could remember of my great auntie was us playing with a balloon in the living room and now I can actually put a face to the memory. Not only that but I got to meet the new addition to the family and guys, I can't even explain how adorable she is! 

Anyway...the second picture there is the pub we went to for lunch - The Essex Arms I think it was called. I swear, if you're ever in Watford, go and try their grilled chicken with their BBQ sauce. It was the bomb! Whenever I cook grilled chicken, it comes out rather dry but theirs' was to die for. Bear in mind I am 1) a very picky eater, especially when it comes to my BBQ sauce and 2) I'm currently trying to make healthier food choices. Can't beat a well rounded meal, especially for £8.99 for a three course meal.

Oh and as you can see above, I found out where my training is being held. PORTUGAL! None of us in the group had even dreamed it would be Portugal but I guess we should expect to be surprised in the future! Honestly, we expected Spain or Turkey (they are the usual destinations) but no, completely out of the blue! Thankfully I managed to find my work about shoe hell! If you know me then you'll understand my dilemma, but if not, try finding plain black leather court shoes with a heel between the heights of 2-2½ inches, which can't have any stitching that isn't relevant to the make of the shoe in a women's size 9! If you hadn't realised...its not an easy task haha! Plus, I'm technically not suppose to wear any heels because I broke my foot a while ago. Anyway, I suppose that's all for this week. 

I hope you've had a lovely week, feel free to share in the comments. 
See you soon for weekly diary no.2!

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