Thursday, 11 June 2015


I want to travel the world. Take in all there is to see and experience what's out there! I don't want to be stuck in England forever, that isn't my dream, but even if I only manage to achieve my getaway a couple of weeks out of the year, that's good enough for me!

Disclaimer: these photo's are not my own! 

1) I'm going to be a typical teenager now and say Ibiza! I want to party while I can and soak up the culture. I'd like to be carefree for a while and not worry about what time I got home. The music, the lights, the atmosphere...that's something I can't miss out on!

2) Florida. I'm not a fussy person where holidays are concerned. I could be in a caravan in Wales and I'd still be happy but I'd love to be able to lie in a hammock which alright is a bit stereotypical and enjoy the ocean breeze, the view and the peace with a lovely drink in my hand. Not a care in the world. Plus, going to Disneyland Paris is a dream of mine and I don't care if I have to wait until I'm 30, I'm still going!

3) New York. I'm a peaceful girl at heart but to feel the rush hour traffic when I'm not in it would be magical. Sat soaking up the atmosphere of passers by with busy lives, going shopping in iconic places...this would be my perfect holiday, albite a busy one!

I hope you have a lovely day and keep dreaming!


  1. That's some nice locations! Though quite random too I think :)
    The thing I urge to tell you is trust me, partying in your later years is waaaay better than in your teenage years :) i think mid twenties or near thirties is the best :) you have your girlfriends, you're not restricted by your age in any case, you can do silly grown up stuff too :)

    Milly at

    1. Thanks milly. I'm quite a diverse person. I agree with partying in the older years but I'd still like to go while and young with no responsibilities haha