Wednesday, 26 August 2015

#DairyPromise - Support and WIN!

I was approached by AHDB Dairy (previously Dairy Co.) to tell you guys all about the work they are doing to try and save the countryside and sustain dairy farming. 

To do this, AHDB Dairy have come up with a new way of supporting them - the #DairyPromise. Basically, this is a way of showing that you will look out for the quality logo (like the red tractor) on all of your dairy products for a sign of food you can trust! Personally, I think this is a great idea. What's better than knowing where your food is coming from, the treatment of the animals and whether you can trust the brand? I never used to care about these thing, but honestly, that was probably due to a lack of knowledge. 
I don't want you to fall into making the same mistake. Why not have a look for yourselves on their website here and make up your own mind as to whether this is something you'd be interested in supporting. By the way, your support costs nothing, just keep your eyes peeled when doing your usual food shopping. 


Until 14th September, the #DairyPromise is being supported by a prize draw!
Everybody who takes the promise and submits their email will be entered into a prize draw to win an overnight stay at a dairy farm for you and three friends/family members!

I'd just like to thank AHDB Dairy for including me in their journey. Don't forget to come over to Twitter and tweet once you've made the promise...and hashtag it too!
I'll see you soon for another post.

Allie x

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