Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I'm not your typical girl when it comes to candles during the Christmas season. I don't like the smell of pumpkin or the usual scents, so I have three top candles which I use at this time of year!

For starters, these three are so pretty! You don't even have to smell these to know that you want them! Pink Dragon Fruit is a very fruity scent, a mix between strawberry, raspberry and an aroma of many other foodies. It's quite an original candle, I've honestly never smelt anything like it. This one if probably my favourite out of the three.

This is more of a homely scent than Pink Dragon Fruit as it's not as sweet but it does still have a tang to it. Again, it's quite a fruity smell but this time cranberries (if that's not a little obvious). This is a very strong candle, it sweeps through the room within seconds of melting it and the scent is exactly the same as if you smell it through the wrapping.

Lastly, the Cappuccino Truffle. This is a mixture between the most luscious coffee you have ever smelt and the most luxurious chocolate you could possibly imagine. I've never really been one for the smell of coffee in a candle but there's something different about this one that I can't put my finger on! Trust me when I say that you need all three of these or at least venture out to have a whiff yourself.

I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you soon for another post!
Allie x

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