Saturday, 12 December 2015


Instead of creating my own makeup look, I have taken my inspiration from three beautiful women who I'm sure most of you will recognise - Kathleen Lights, Shaaanxo, Jaclyn Hill. I was originally going to put there in order of favourites but who can choose between these three?!

Kathleen's makeup look is absolutely gorgeous. It's a bit of a remake of one of her older looks but she wanted to show her audience how she'd wear the new liquid lipstick that she created. The red/orange/burgundy tones match the dark red lip perfectly. There is so much depth added into the eyes with the different level of colour that she manages to pull of shades that a lot of people find hard to work with. It's lovely and warm toned and one of the best makeup looks for Christmas!

Shaaanxo's makeup is a very 'out there' look with a shining silver on the lid. This is definitely a Christmas look that I love! Personally I don't go all out for Christmas, I'm usually still in my pyjamas at 12 o'clock but if you want to glam up the day then this is perfect for you! If not, maybe New Years? 

Jaclyn Hill. That's all I need to say really isn't it. I only started watching her a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked. Similar to Shaaanxo, this look incorporates lovely silver shades and is definitely a glam look! I absolutely love the pairing of the bold eyes with a nude lip, I think it tones down the look a little so it's more wearable even for the Christmas season. 

Again, it's impossible for me to choose a favourite since I love all three of these looks. They're all beautifully put together and represent Christmas in one photograph. 
I hope you're having a lovely day and I'll see you soon for another post!
Allie x

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